1 - 6 yrs. 

Join our children's educational program that teaches our young children jewish culture, hebrew language, art, and history every Saturday at 10:00 AM. 

Children's Educational Program

Every Monday @ 6 PM

Join us for an adult educational class about Jewish History and Ethics and how it has developed over time. We will go over topics and time periods! Join us this month to learn about the History of Hanukkah

History & Ethics in Judaism

Available to All

We hold monthly events that connects different cultures together through food, drink, story telling, and more. Recently, we have done Persian culture, Chinese, Argentinian, and more. 



Every Wednesday @ 6 PM

Silicon Valley has over 20,000 Russian Jews. Get together with other Russian Jews to learn more about the culture, history, and journey towards Judaism to the United States. 

Russian Culture & Arts Program

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Learn Hebrew with us! Take a seat in a class,  learn the aleph bet and more. Call for more information and meeting dates

Adult Hebrew Lessons

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Need someone to talk to or just study with? Come and join our Young Professional mentorship program in which we support and guide you through it all - you are never alone.

Young Professional Mentorship



 Tel. 408-718-9074 



Centrally located In the Heart of Santa Clara.

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