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Feb Camp

S. Clara



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Feb Camp

S. Clara



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Summer Camp

S Clara



Join us for an unforgettable Camp experience! Our Teva Camp is designed to provide a fun and adventurous environment for elementary school ages. We offer a wide range of nature-focused trips that allow children to connect with the great outdoors, learn about the natural world and explore the beauty of nature. We believe that engaging with nature is crucial for children's development and well-being. Along with these nature-based trips, we also offer outdoor adventures and Jewish enrichment programs. Your child will have a blast while learning, growing and making new friends. Don't miss out on all the fun and sign up today!

For photos of camp CLICK HERE

Meet The Team


Elana Rosenberg


Masters in Education

Bachelors Early Childhood Education

chaya kivrit.jpg

Chaya Kivrit

Hebrew Language

Israeli Culture Coordinator & Hebrew Language


Yael Friedman

Program Lead

School Instructor in Science, Math, English & Creative Arts

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Keren Goor


Israeli Youth Soccer Champion & USA College Athlete

We are located at:
2043 Pruneridge Ave Santa Clara CA 95050
Call us:
+1 (408) 982-7419
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