Partner with us in the #buildchabad challenge to raise $150,000 to renovate and create a beautiful Sanctuary, children's space, and more!



Shabbat dinners for Young Jewish Professionals have been maxed out, our Weekly Torah Study are now in Russian, Hebrew & English, and the amount of space that we have no longer holds the number of individuals that are coming. People are excited to join our bright and energetic jewish community. In the two years since we have opened, we have moved four times from rental property to rental property in order to match our growth until...


We Took a Tremendous Leap...

And purchased a 1500 sqft, two floor property with a ginormous lot on a very visible street close by Apple HQ. Having a permanent location now allows us to serve as a community nucleus, with potential for significantly more growth.


We Need Your Help...

This property will be transformed into a gorgeous community space. 100% of your donation will go directly to renovation costs including adding drywall, flooring, lighting, electrical upgrades, bathroom, and other important critical renovations. This space will allow us further our impact in touching the lives of so many including, college students, young adults, children & families, seniors, and hospital patients. 


This is our community. A proud legacy for generations to come. We invite you to join us. What better way is there to honor and bring merit to your family and loved ones than by participating in this much needed project? An eternal Investment.

As the world is focused on the Silicon Valley, the spiritual growth of our community serves as a role model for the entire world.


 Tel. 408-718-9074 



Centrally located In the Heart of Santa Clara.

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