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Afterschool Grades 4-5
Bam Tribe!

about Bam Tribe

BAM Tribe is an exciting youth initiative tailored for boys in grades 4-5, in the years leading to Bar and Bat Mitzvah, with a core emphasis on nurturing character development, fostering Jewish values, and encouraging personal growth. Our program offers a vibrant setting where participants can cultivate crucial skills, delve into their Jewish identity, and make meaningful contributions to their community. Through a blend of team-building activities, woodworking, art sessions, and culinary experiences, children are provided with diverse avenues for exploration and enrichment. Additionally, as members of the global Chabad Kids Network, participants have the unique opportunity to engage in an international Jewish heritage competition, with thousands of kids from around the world.

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A time to connect, experience, and explore!

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My son absolutely loved camp. The activities were so many, and so engaging and age appropriate, that he can not even say which was his favorite! The cabin mates were all friendly and kind to each other and no teenage fights took place. He was sad when camp was over, but is looking forward to next summer!

- Yael V. (parent)


My son could not stop talking about the wonderful time he had. He made new friends across the state that he speaks with regularly now. He has been singing the songs from camp around the house! Amazing experience and wonderful counselors. - 

- Moshe M.


Jonathan says that he had an Amazing time in camp. He says that he wished camp could be an entire Month long. Jonathan described fun activities, great counselors, and “five star quality delicious food”. 

- Joel (parent)


Program Options

First Session

Aug 13- December 20, 2024

Second session

Full Package

Five times a week
Hebrew and Bam Track                  

Bam Package

twice a week

Jan 7 -July 6, 2025

Location: Bracher Elementary , Santa Clara 

*includes regular off site trips

July 7 - July 16

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CKids Gan Israel-02_edited (1).png
CKids Gan Israel-02_edited (1).png
CKids Gan Israel-02_edited (1).png
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